Congratulations to Prof. Icha Golombek on winning the Dizengoff Prize for 2021

We are excited and happy to announce that Prof. Icha Golombek, from the Department of Art, has won the 2021 Dizengoff Prize.
The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality awards the Meir Dizengoff Prize to artists in the field of painting and sculpture who live and work in the State of Israel.

In its explanatory memorandum, the Prize Committee noted that Professor Golombek’s sculpture and drawing challenge the spaces’ perception of the work in their surprising reading of the collage traditions in painting, especially local, and in inventing a new channel for engaging in word status in relation to a sculptural body.

His work connects in an original and bold way to key questions about the meaning of duplication, series and repetition in the context of manual work.
The committee further noted that these, and above all the question of the speaker’s presence, have created a figurative-narrative sculpture and a new concept of intimacy, features that have made extensive waves in the local field since the mid-1980s.

Warm congratulations to Icha and good luck on his way.
Prof. Ephraim Lev – Dean of the Faculty.