Humanities includes the following disciplines: Art, Archeology, Linguistics, History, Literature and Philosophy. They are the basis for acquiring writing skills, research and analysis, the basis for critical and informed thinking. The humanities are living waters thirsty for knowledge in every field; They are an open window to the world through which one can observe the horizon; And they are a road map that enables fascinating journeys of discovery and understanding. The humanities are the words, concepts and stories that help us understand the essence of our existence, the essence of human existence and the world in which we live. Through them we can trace people we have not met; Places we did not visit and ideas that did not come to mind. The humanities will open a window for you to a rich and diverse world of different methods; They will pose dilemmas and paradoxes, but will also answer questions. The humanities will set the stage for a life of meaning and content to make human society more valuable and better.

אייקון קול קורא

Call for Application of our colleagues The Department of Jewish History and Bible of the University of Haifa, for the Wolfson Chair Doctoral Fellowship in Jewish Thought 

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Dean of the faculty of humanities

אפרים לב

Efraim Lev

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Graduation ceremony with honors 05.07.2021