M.A. Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Haifa

Located at the top  of Mt. Carmel with the north of Israel spread at its feet – Haifa University excels in the study of the Humanities with a strong social commitment. In recent years the University has reaffirmed its obligation for excellence in Jewish studies by
reorganizing the department and expanding its faculty. Its unique location at the North of Israel facilitated the University's special expertise in regional studies: Archeology, Sociology and History of the Galilee; Maritime Archeology; (Mt. Carmel's) Pre-historical
studies; and Mediterranean Studies.
The Department of Jewish History and Thought at this University offers a new international Master’s degree (M.A.) program in Jewish History and Thought. The department hosts a unique combination in Judaic studies. It combines Biblical Studies, Jewish History, Philosophy and Mysticism in one setting. It ranges over biblical times to the modern one, housing experts in Biblical studies (including the Dead Sea Scrolls), Antiquity (early and late), Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern Jewish History and Thought. At present the department offers a Master's degree in Jewish History and Thought (in Hebrew) to more than two hundred students annually, thus it has gained an unparalleledexperience in the field, now offered to international students.

The international program, thought in English, address mainly students who seek to expand their Jewish knowledge, obtain an M.A. degree or work towards a Graduate degree (Ph.D.). The program is open to Israeli students as well, and sees as one of its
goals bringing together students from Israel and the world. In the course of the program students will participate in several educational excursions visiting some of Israel’s main historical sites.

The program puts at its core regional studies of Northern Israel based on the University of Haifa's unique locations and skills. It will accent the History and Culture of the Galilee and the region, but nevertheless will offer a balanced and full picture through a
portrayal of the ties and connections of this regional history to larger trends and global events.
The program can be followed for a semester, a year or to the completion of the degree. In any case a full transcript of classes will be provided for students to use in request of credit in their home universities. The program lends itself to other students in the
international school at the University of Haifa, for example those taking Israel Studies, Holocaust Studies or MiddleEastern Studies. Those who wish can combine with the program learningHebrewand Arabic. Housing is available through the International
School as well. 

Fields of study
Biblical Studies
Dead Sea Scrolls
Judaism in Antiquity
Jews and Christians from Antiquity to the early modern times
Talmud and Midrash
Genizah Studies
Medieval Jewish History
Jewish Philosophy
Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
Early Modern Cultural History

WEB: http://ipjh.haifa.ac.il/index.php?lang=en