Congratulations to the ERC winners, Prof. Tali Crystal and Dr. Emmanuel Nante

With great excitement we are happy to announce the winnings of the ERC Consolidator 2022

In the most important research grant among the individual grants of the European Union, in the Horizon Europe research program and one of the most respected grants in the scientific world

Professor Tali Crystal, from the Faculty of Social Sciences, for her proposal on the subject: The Role of Workers’ and Employers’ Bargaining Power in “Distributional Workplace Accounts” (DIWA)

Dr. Emmanuel Nante, from the Faculty of Humanities, for his proposal on Mapping ancient Harbors systems: SHIPs: Ships Harboring in Ports

Congratulations to Tali and Emanuel for this great achievement!

Prof. Ron Rubin, President

Prof. Gore Elroy, Rector

Prof. Mona Maroon, Vice President and Dean of Research and Development