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International programs

Ofakim The Honors Program of Haifa University
The Ofakim honors program allows students with outstanding individual potential and intellectual curiosity to develop their talents in a supportive and challenging environment. The program exposes students to a variety of philosophical viewpoints and academic disciplines, encouraging both interdisciplinary thinking and creative originality. The aim of the program is to encourage students to choose research tracks in their own field of study and to make significant contributions to society. Students admitted to the program follow a double-track course of studies towards a B.A. and subsequently enroll in the program, in addition to their own chosen discipline.

The Ofakim program offers:

– A versatile interdisciplinary program of studies combining courses specially designed for the Ofakim students, in addition to other courses they have chosen from among all those offered by the university.
– Studying in a unique and challenging environment which provides close personal guidance for each student in the program.
– Participation without prior requirements in advanced courses and workshops, as well as in M.A. courses (starting from the 2nd year of studies with the approval of the head of the program).
– Research seminars given by top lecturers from various fields of research, culture and literature.
– Integration into active research is encouraged and will be awarded with academic credit.
– Community service and volunteer work is also encouraged and will be awarded with academic credit ( subject to criteria set by the Dean of Studies).
– Students of the Ofakim Honors Program will automatically receive a full scholarship for tuition fees in the 1st year of their studies as well as a scholarship for the 2nd and 3rd years conditional on fulfilling criteria for academic excellence (maintaining an average of at least 86).

2020-2021 Courses

The Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies
The Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies is offered as a master’s program in the Department of Israel Studies. It covers a range of issues pertaining to American Jewish life, American society and the long-lasting and important bond between the Jews of America, the State of Israel and Israeli society. The program includes a 10-day field trip to the United States. During the trip students will meet American Jewish students and Jewish leaders, visit various museums and attend lectures by prominent members of the local community. The program caters to outstanding students who seek to expand their grasp of American Jewish life and who want to take part in a unique academic and intellectual experience.

Students participating in the program will receive a 5,000$ scholarship.
The US campus trip is fully funded by the Ruderman Program, students will not be asked to pay any additional fees. However, participants must have proper health insurance for the duration of the trip, a valid B1 visa and a valid passport.

Graduates of the program will receive a masters degree in Israel Studies, with a specialization in American Jewish Studies.

The number of places is limited. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and pass an interview.

The multidisciplinary unit for Polish studies

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