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אייקון קול קורא
אייקון קול קורא

CFP – Lis Miller Literary Prize – 01.04.2022
Attached is a link to full details

אייקון קול קורא

CFP for academic and administrative staff as part of the ERASMUS program for the year 2022-2023

For questions and additional details: Ms. Theodora Pankov, Head of International Cooperation.

Tell: 04-8249419 or by Email
The information is also available on the website: International School Programs for exchange of faculty and students

** Please note: Due to the limitations of the corona period, there may be changes in the outline of approvals for leaving the student exchange program.

CFP – Dean’s Awards for Outstanding Students for Undergraduate Degrees in the Faculty of Humanities – 01.07.2021 (Heb)

The Faculty of Humanities will award 2 prizes for the research work of outstanding students in the following year 2020/2021, in the following categories:
– A master’s degree student, who wrote an outstanding research dissertation in the faculty (given that she did not win another prize at the university), in the amount of NIS 4,000.
– A PhD student who wrote an outstanding research dissertation in the faculty (given that she did not win another prize at the university), in the amount of NIS 8,000.

אייקון קול קורא

The schedules and technical conditions for filling out the proposal are detailed in the attached documents in Hebrew.
Please note: The deadline for submitting proposals is the. 31.07.2021.

Send the proposals to email –

Prof. Issy Doron – Academic Supervisor of the כlagship Program
Julia Strausta, head of the flagship program
אייקון קול קורא

“Shaar Roach”: CFP for establishment of a multidisciplinary research group – 01.07.2021
The Faculty of Humanities announces “Shaar Roach”, an internal faculty competition for the establishment of a multidisciplinary research group. As part of the winning group’s funding, up to four faculty members will each receive 12,000 NIS support for an internal research budget, and up to 4 students (post-doctoral students and master’s and doctoral research students) will receive a scholarship, depending on the composition of the winning bid: 12,000 NIS For a doctoral student, 10,000 NIS for a doctoral student, and 8,000 NIS for a master’s degree.

Scholarships for outstanding doctoral students in the fields of the State of Israel and the history of Zionism 01.07.2021 –  (HEB) 
Application Form  I  CV form
The scholarships are intended for students from Israel and abroad, and designed to help doctoral students to devote their time to study and research, and create the conditions necessary for the success of his doctoral dissertation.

Award for Encouraging Research in the Field of Jewish Heritage from the Donation of the CONWAY Family (UK) – 01.06.2021 – (HEB) 
The Faculty of Humanities will award an annual incentive award to an outstanding doctoral student
The subject of their work is the study of Jewish studies. The prize is intended for students who are registered at the University of Haifa in the year 2021 and whose research proposal has been approved.
The prize is up to NIS 20,000.

אייקון קול קורא

Call for doctoral scholarship to promote research in the fields of heritage Druze community in Israel and around the world – 01.07.2021 (HEB) 
The Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Haifa will award a four-year doctoral scholarship in collaboration with the Druze Heritage Center in Israel starting in the 2022-2021 academic year

אייקון קול קורא

CFP – For outstanding graduate and postgraduate students to study the city of Nazareth from the Afifi family donation – 01.06.2021 (HEB) CFP – For outstanding and postgraduate students studying the city of Nazareth with a donation from the Afifi family
The Faculty of Humanities will award scholarships from the Afifi family from Nazareth in 2022-2021, the purpose of which is to encourage quality and groundbreaking academic research in the field of history, society and culture of the city of Nazareth.
In the years 1967-1700 for graduate and postgraduate students in the research track.