Prof. Ephraim Lev
Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Yuval Ben Best
Deputy Dean for Research

Prof. Marcos Silber
Vice Dean for Teaching

Mr. Aaron Rafter
Head of the Faculty Administration

Mrs. Ifat Mizrachi Harari
Coordinator of the Dean’s Office/responsible for academic appointments

Mrs. Shir Cohen
Dean’s Office coordinator


Mrs. Or-El Arushas
Academic advisor
For students in the Faculty of Humanities

Head of Administration Office

Mrs. Adi Taft
Bureau coordinator

Mrs. Keren Santo
Coordinates events and projects

Computer Resources


Mr. Roni Mizrahi
Computing Commissioner


Mr. David Bochbot
Computer adapter

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Mrs. Alona Zohar
Web master & Internet Applications Coordinator


Mr.Omri Yehiel
Computer adapter


Mrs. Marina Bogiev
Graphic designer