Master’s degree program in the Department of Theater

Theater and performance studies is an interdisciplinary field of study with an artistic and research orientation, which looks at a wide range of performances that belong to two main categories: artistic performances and cultural performances. “Artistic performances” refers to events that are framed as art, such as theater performances, story theater, place-dependent performance events, cinema and more. “Cultural shows” include events and shows in everyday life, such as sports, life cycle events and their ceremonies and demonstrations. The connections between theater studies and performance studies are in the program infrastructure

Studies, which will operate in accordance with the following principles:
Theoretical study of performance (performance) in broad artistic and cultural contexts, in order to capture the potential of the show as a prism for research and as a subject for research.

– Encouraging the encounter between theoretical research and theatrical and theatrical creative activity aimed at feeding creative research processes and serving as a source Inspiration for research.

– Encouraging students to study and interdisciplinary research that is assisted and corresponds with various fields of knowledge such as philosophy, anthropology, History, communication and new media studies, education and social work.