School of arts lecture series invites “show politics continues,” the department of theater – 07.03.2021 – 06.06.2021 – 07.03.2021 – 06.06.2021

The theater department presents: The politics show continues

In light of the success of the “Politics Show” lecture series in the first semester and at the request of the series subscribers, the theater department offers a sequel in the second semester.
This time too we will deal with the political show in Israel, past and present, and we will also expand on Shakespeare’s England, Lorca’s Andalusia (in the Tel Aviv interpretation of the era of identity politics), the ceremony in the Indian Himalayas, and the Arab world in our neighborhood.

Subscription cost for the series: 400 NIS
A member brings a member : Receives a 15% discount
The cost of a single lecture: 50 NIS

Zoom links will be sent to subscribers every week, the proceeds from the series are all directed to student scholarships

To register by email:
For more information: Michal Pshtetzky Golan,
Responsible for Community Relations, 04-8288821 (Internal 58821)



Sun Mar 2021 - Sun Jun 2021


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